Wood & Feather Necklace

Wood & Feather Necklace


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  • 32" Necklace
  • Hand Carved wood with silver inlay beads
  • Leather Back
  • Drop
    • Hand-tooled leather double feather
    • Buffalo Nickel
    • Tassel
  • Leather colors
    • Black
    • Saddle Tan

For those of you who love hand-crafted artwork, this is the necklace for you! Why? Well, this design utilizes hand-carved wooden beads with silver inlay and features a hand-tooled leather double feather. Additionally, the entire necklace is hand-made in the J.Forks Designs studio, located in Boerne, Texas. So, there is a LOT of handiwork in this necklace!

This is a 32" hand-carved wood with silver inlay beads and leather necklace featuring a J.Forks Designs drop. The drop includes a hand-tooled leather double feather, Buffalo nickel, and a leather tassel. This necklace is available in either black or saddle tan leather.