Creating a Peaceful Space

Creating a Peaceful Space
New seasons make for a great time to refresh spaces in our homes! Sometimes redecorating can be overwhelming. You may find it is hard to know where to start! With Spring arriving we'd like to share just a few tips on how to refresh... We will keep it short, sweet, and SIMPLE! 
Our biggest TIP for you is to keep it SIMPLE! How to do that?! 
*PICK your space... maybe it's an entire room, maybe it's a small space within a room like your coffee table. 
*DECLUTTER that space... remove anything that doesn't make the area easy on the eye. Everything in your home needs a home... find one for these random items, or give them a toss! 
*Add GREENERY... this is a simple and affordable way to add decor! It's amazing how a simple sprig or two can freshen up your space. This will also bring texture into the space! 
*BRIGHTEN your space... add soft and bright neutral tones, draw in natural light, and/or lap lighting! 
Here at Allure we have a passion for making houses into homes. Come in and see us, we'd love to help you refresh the spaces you do life in. If you need help from a distance don't hesitate to reach out as well! 
Happy Homemaking! 
Allure Boutique 

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