Sharing Passion Featuring Kori Taylor

Sharing Passion Featuring Kori Taylor - Allure Boutique WY

Meraki: Greek. To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

When we do something with a part of our soul, we stay connected to that something. We tend to care more and for longer when our heart is invested into a situation or another persons life. My career is in large caring, whole heartedly, for the people I come in contact with. I'm a cosmetologist; my everyday job is to use my heart and creativity in a cohesion. I get so connected to the people that I see everyday; we connect on life, love, tragedies, hobbies, and everything in between. They know me and I know them. We may spend just a small part of our days together, but it can make such a difference when we part ways.

The other perk of my career is that I have endless opportunities to grow. I started my own business traveling for weddings; I provide hair and makeup services for brides and bridal parties! I assist throughout the day to help it run smoothly. I help with pictures, make sure everyone is posed correctly, the necklace is straight, the tie isn't crooked, the train is fluffed. I get her plate, make sure she stays hydrated, bussel her dress, and anything else she might need. On these glorious days we laugh, we cry (I cry a lot), we dance, we reminisce, and we connect. I learn so much about a couple in just one day, and being a part of their special day is something I am indescribably grateful for. I care about how they feel and on her wedding day, the bride needs to feel perfect! That is where I come in! Her confidence starts with me doing my job well, then the dress, then the shoes, and when it all comes together… the first look! Wow!
Hair and makeup can make or break the look in pictures. Weather its a simple selfie or your treasured wedding photos, good hair and makeup can make all the difference. A woman is never photographed more than on her wedding day. Her look must last for more than 12 hours, and she has me to lean on from sunup to sun down.

I’ve worked with Megan for one of their photoshoots and she has become a client of mine. Her and I have a passion for our jobs in common, and we constantly want to improve the way we provide service to our clients and customers. When shopping at Allure, I connect with the women who work there. We catch up on life and creatively put together outfits to build my confidence at work and everyday life. I have everything from shoes to hats from Allure, and I'm never sorry when I put on one or more of the great pieces I’ve purchased. Allure’s mission is to make every woman, no matter her size or shape feel comfortable and confident in the clothes she is wearing. My mission is to make the people in my chair feel beautiful, confident and cared for, and to connect over that feeling. We put our hearts and souls into our work, and I wouldn't have it any other way!



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