Trend Report & Market

Trend Report & Market - Allure Boutique WY
This past week we made our way the the WESA show in Denver. On day one we spent time at the Western Summit learning ways to continue to grow, getting a trend report, and meeting fellow people in the western fashion industry. It is always an inspiring event and we enjoy getting a few days to step away to brain storm! 
The western industry is a big part of our community, our families, and our fashion! It is safe to say it is apart of our hearts.
About that fashion part... it is SO FUN! Western fashion is a HUGE trend and they are seeing a western twist across fashion everywhere. This is exciting for our industry! 
To highlight a few of the TRENDS we are seeing for this year...
*Multipul Textures 
*Graphic Tees
*Fashion Hats
*Statement Earrings 
There is no such thing as too much. Layer up, and add all the texture!
With some new trends and some that you have seen, we are excited to bring in these trends and see all the ways people make them theirs. Nothing beats telling your story, and creating YOUR style!
We SHOPPED girls! There is so much trend, and style coming to Allure. From head to toe there will be NEW styles for you this SPRING & SUMMER! Until then, hold tight and embrace the cozy styles coming over the next few weeks!

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