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The Pioneer Woman Trip - Allure Boutique WY
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Our Trip to Pawhuska 
Last week we traveled to Oklahoma, to The Pioneer Woman's hometown on the FRONTIER! Not only are we huge fans of her cookbooks, we are inspired by her story to create and build a future for her SMALL TOWN. Taking time to step away to fill your cup, is inspiring and so important. We did just that! 
For those of you who don't follow The Pioneer Woman and her story, start there! It was amazing to see what she has done in her tiny hometown in just a few short years of opening her Mercantile. There is something about a small town, and the experience that comes with it that warms a heart. The Pioneer Woman has created such an experience in Pawhuska and if you are a fan of hers, it is well worth your trip.
The first day we visited The Lodge on the Drummond Ranch, just outside of town about 30 minutes. This is where she does all of her filming for her cooking show, as well as where their families have big gatherings. The Lodge was full of history, and the tour was amazing. We loved the decor and how she has embraced the simple ranch life theme. Something a few Wyoming girls can appreciate! It is not everyday you see fame and simplicity mix, and she has done it well! It was so refreshing.
To follow that great day, on day two we got the true Pawhuska experience! The Mercantile is a beautiful historic building that The Pioneer Woman restored downtown. You can spend the whole day there! A cozy country cooking restaurant, with endless Pioneer Woman favorites on the menu for any meal of the day. Fabulous shopping with all things Pioneer Woman, and then some... Lastly a bakery and coffee shop that is to die for upstairs at The Merc. This spot over looks the tiny, historic town. We LOVED The Mercantile and you just have to go! One last thing... Walk across the street to P Town Pizza for a menu full of The Pioneer Woman recipes... SO GOOD! 
We had a great few days, wore cute outfits, ate fabulous food, and came back feeling inspired to continue to grow in OUR small town! Have a great week, find something that inspires you. 
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